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Massachusetts: Part I

We headed back “home” to Massachusetts and specifically to Concord (where Jenni grew up post-Arlington), Westford (where Devin lives), Cambridge and Tufts University (where I went to undergrad).


October 2-4, 2013 (Wednesday-Friday)

This was my first time in Westford, Massachusetts, and it is a charming New England town.  And I highly recommend Meat Again which is a butcher and deli.  We got some great marinated meats and sausages that Devin grilled (perfectly) that night and I had my first ever buffalo chicken salad sandwich.  It was on a large, oblong sesame bun and was delicious.  That afternoon we went around the corner from Devin’s house to Burges Pond for a nice woodsy loop hike with the dogs.


It is also the site of the East Boston Camps.  The weather was unseasonably warm in the 80s.  At night, Jenni’s parents and then Devin’s friends from Ithaca joined us for dinner.  I hit the hay after a Samburu board call to focus on the Splash Bash.


Devin made pancakes and continued his run as a superb host.  That reminds me I forgot to mention in the Chicago post but both Kenny and Devin forfeited their comfy beds for me and Jenni…dems some good bros.  We went into Boston where I saw more Big Belly Solar trash compactors.  Then we parked in Harvard Square for lunch at Mr. Bartley’s, which is something of a burger institution.  There is a vast selection of combinations, including the Obamacare which is described as “NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S IN IT!…ask the liberal sitting next to you” and the cost is listed as “$ Trillions.”  Out front was a chalkboard proclaiming “Order an Obamacare and we’ll shut down the grill and go home!”  I got the Gabriel Gomez burger and it was better than I remembered.

Harvard Square is a fun place to walk around.  I bought some Eagle Creek packing cubes at EMS and we scoped this public piano, which is pretty neat.  We saw more in New Orleans and I will write a touch more on the movement there.


We took Mass Ave to distance ourselves from this cauldron of ignorance and explore the truly fine bastion of brilliance known as Tufts University.  The view of downtown from the library roof is still nice, and a police officer waived to me as though he remembered me.  The DTD house has been restored to, and far beyond, its former glory.


It was so nice and clean that we had no choice but to question the partying credentials of current brothers.

But not this guy

But not this guy

After recounting to Jenni and Devin the three stories I can remember, we squeezed in a nice Frisbee sesh on the academic quad.


I was relieved to confirm that Espresso Pizza is very much open for business, despite malignant rumors to the contrary.  After stopping in Concord to see Jenni’s parents and the deck construction progress, we went back to Devin’s and watched The Internship which was very funny.


The next morning we took off for Newport, Rhode Island and Matt and Jaimie’s wedding!